Tips for Eliminating Prestige in Life and Seen From Another View

Prestige someone

The more the year adds, the more standard and normal the viewing rate gets higher. We used to ride our bikes to school, but now we're feeling proud. Either pride is in a good way or in a bad way. Let's decipher it from Gen XYZ angle.

Prestige according to the great dictionary of Indonesian is honor and influence; Dignity. From that little point of view the author would suggest in a vague way that prestige is something we have to take care of. Because prestige can be a author to interpret as a standard of whether or not something is right. If something we do is' prestigious' then it gets a high value from others. And if the work we do is less or less proud, then it would be less of the value of others. But do not hastily conclude that a job without prestige is definitely not good. But the author means it depends on the context we look at. Like, a street sweeper is a lot less prestigious. But is a street sweeper doing a bad job? Isn't that right? The street sweeper job was good, but not prestigious. The author's really excited about the whole janitor thing. Because the writer is also a sweeper, but he's a market sweeper in XIII Koto Kampar. Hehehe.

Prestige must be present when something we are proud of is not achieved. For example, we are students. So prestige in being a scavenger must exist if there is another job that is more prestigious than a scavenger. Because without dignity the standard of living that we hope to achieve will lower those of high prestige. Because our school is one of those things because we don't want to get the bad value of life from other people. Because school people are more prestigious than non-schoolers.

But pride must be dispelled when there are no choices left to choose. For example, we don't have tuition. Now, we can avoid feeling burdened by our lack of education.

So sometimes we have to choose to retain that pride and have to eliminate that dignity. Depends on the context as well as the actual.

It's a lot to take in that life is dignified. One that takes away the shame in us. If the standard of something we are trying to achieve is something that must be prestigious, then surely we are trying to achieve something that is as prestigious as to get our shame on ourselves by not being able to achieve what we achieve becomes lost. Remember, shame on oneself is more embarrassing than shame on others.

Prestige someone

Quoting Netti Virgiantini, "a parent's prestige if he tells her that his son is studying at a favorite school." From that quote, look how proud people are around us if what we are going through is all in a prestigious category.

There's probably some opinion you're not comfortable with what author write. But that's someone who wants to be proud. The author wants a favor. The prestige standard for the writer is that a teenager has to create. Whether the work is good or not, it's important to put it together. Because the author thinks that a 19 years old teenager anda 15 years old translator of the blogosphere must have something antimainstream. Author argued that such a antimainstream person would be more likely to attract prestige. Because of something that prestigious is not all who can get it. So if a work created at such a young age as the unprofitable writing, it then includes antimainstream. Well, if it's mainstream as the author just said it is prestigious. Teens are mostly preoccupied with games, busy with courtship but are able to create a work. The proportion of teen gamers and adolescents makes up much more than those preoccupied with gaming. So it was concluded that these teens were antimainstream teenagers. Remember what antimainstrem=prestigious. Many disagree, but it's the truth.

Early author's post said a little about good prestige and bad prestige. If you read this postin a lucid and conscious mind situation, then you should be able to decide which one is good and which one is bad.

It is certain that you would prefer something that is prestigious over something that is not prestigious. Sure? If that's true, start putting that pride in place. You can't always blame someone if someone is proud. They have every reason to be proud. Perhaps their standards in life were high, not unlike yours (don't offense).

That's a little short of a exposure to prestige, but we haven't gotten into any way to get rid of Gen XYZ Let's hear the review.

Prestige someone

The tips on how to eliminate this prestige we use when we have no other options except the option of something that is not prestigious it self. Don't use it when we have plenty of options. Your first option is to go to college. Second option is you don't get into college. In this position, it would be foolish if you chose option two. Now, if there is only one second that you have, then use the tips to eliminate this pride that are sure to name the tips will be and some will not succeed in running it.

1.  Use the principle "that what you're doing right now will add to the story that you'll be able to tell when you're successful."

Author is an optimist. It's so much faith that what we're doing today is bad, it's going to add a long story sheet when we tell it when we find success. Have you heard any stories of their success? "I used to have to find wood in the woods to make enough money for my school", says one-man success. "I used to have to fast on monday-thursdays to get enough money up at school, and alhamdulillah is doing well," says a two-man success.

Think. You're successful without anything to tell me then, your sense of success is lacking. No colors, no stories. There is only a mere emptiness. People can't trace your success. In this case successful people are divided. Prestigious success (Had a lot of tough stories back a long time ago) and unprestigious success (Not much of a story back then when not yet successful=flavorless).

Indonesia achieved independence, and Indonesia has many stories to tell when it is successful today.See how many other books and references can encourage you to read about how Indonesia is a success.

2.  Always use that first tips

It means be consistent. Never lose the taste in that first tip. And remember to put the prestige in place. Because sometimes prestige isa principle, sometimes it's a  shame and it can be anything else. 

It's 1000 of the words that the author wrote, if you read them all and apply them, it feels 1000000 words won't tire this finger writing. Just like the tips to lose prestige in Gen XYZ life.

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