Why Indonesian population is not evenly distributed?

Talking about Indonesia, the author feels we are talking about heaven. In Indonesia whatever we are looking for must be there. Hope and potential to find what we are looking for is greater if we talk about Indonesia. From the smallest thing to the big thing, from the bad to the good. Like heaven we can get whatever we want.

If we talk about smart people, we are proud to date there are smart people in Indonesia, namely Habibi the 'Indonesian Aircraft Father', as soon as the author dubs this Pak Habibi. 

We want to talk about bad things to Indonesia, there are also things. like Indonesia, including the country with the highest level of corruption in the world. If BJ Habibi was the 'smartest' president, now we find a president who is upset as a president who likes corruption too (but only issues based on news on the internet circulating). 

These two things are like good and 'bad words' in one category, President. From the top of the leadership of the great country of Indonesia we have found a big problem.

 Moreover we as small people who in fact cannot be overly interfered with in our privacy matters by others and certainly have problems that are bigger than the president's pilot, but with portions that match our standards.

We model the Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan, so that there is no connection with the pilot case of the president above. Because in the track record Anis Governor is clean.
An Anis Baswedan the Minister of Education and Culture for 2014-2016, we consider corruption 1T. Compare this with the Jakarta Regional Budget of Rp. 89,593,824,003,348, so 1T is only a little. 

Now we bring it to ourselves during childhood. Our father told us to buy Sampoerna cigarettes for Rp. 10,000 with money given in the amount of Rp. 20,000 and don't tell us that the rest of the money is for us. Up to the retail sales of cigarettes, we bought cigarettes according to my father's orders, and another ten of them entered the bag. 

The money that we corrupted earlier was very large even though we compared it to Anis Baswedan's corruption agreement which amounted to 1T. Because as much as 50% of our cigarette money is used for corruption.

 Now, do you still blame someone for corruption? without us realizing we have been very well trained for corruption in the portion of the percentages that we corrupt it turns out to be greater than Anis's previous corruption.

The author has heard a word that until now is still recorded in the ear of the author. Corrupt officials are actually because they are good at fooling us. They are good at that.

 we often blame and even say that they must be put to death by corruptors, even though it all happens just because they have the opportunity we give to do, and we don't have the opportunity to do so. Yes because we are stupid and have no chance. how sad we are. First we are stupid and secondly we don't have a chance. 

The author is also a little sure, if you are given the opportunity for corruption and it doesn't seem to be discovered by the world, maybe you will also do the same thing with the corruptors. and maybe you will never read this article because you died first due to your request to punish the corruptors (and you from the small corruption earlier in the analysis. So after you come home from buying cigarettes and get caught by your father's corruption, you're dead).

This is the function of the present Pemikir-generasi.xyz , according to our slogan "looking at the problem outside the circle of problems, to get a different view", as our post yesterday Tips For Eliminating Prestige in Life and Seen From Another View.

The core of the opening is just one, Indonesia has everything. Hehehe.

OK, let's look at why the Indonesian population is not evenly distributed? Even though every province in Indonesia has its own natural and cultural wealth. We take the example on Java. from the search results on Google, the population occupying Java is 141 million. Imagine the size of an island as small as Java (if compared to Kalimantan) has a population which in its number has 9 series of numbers (141,000,000). 

We look at the island of Kalimantan, as many as 18,59 million people. In Kalimantan there are still many forests that can be used as settlements, as work destinations and so on, but why should you go to Java on the orientation of Indonesians in general? well, maybe you can think and guess a little the reason why, one of them in your mind might be because Java is in Jakarta and living in Jakarta is cool? Can be. 

or maybe the cost of living in cheap Java so that the distribution of the population of Indonesia is uneven because it tends to choose Java as the port of destination.

Let's review the reason. It turns out that this is the reason why the Indonesian population is uneven. Don't get bored reading, OK?

1. For economic reasons.

In the first position the author laid down for economic reasons why the distribution of the Indonesian population was uneven. Try to ask people who are migrating, most of the reasons why they migrate are due to economic problems. That's right. maybe indeed regions in Indonesia have their own natural wealth. But that does not mean that all natural wealth is the same. Example in area A 10T wealth with a population of 10. In area B his wealth is also 10 but with a population of 5.surely the person who lived in area A had thought of staying in area B because the portion of his wealth for each individual was greater. A = 10:10 the result is 1 for 1 soul. B = 10:5 the result is 2 for 1 soul.

2. Because of the incompatibility of skill or no means of supporting ability.

If you have the desire to study Astronomy, then you have to move to Java to study at ITB. Because in Indonesia it is very rare for Astronomy majors. Again, the island of Java became a destination, revealing a bit of the reason why there were many people in Java :D

3. Environmental conditions.

Regional differences will also be different environmental conditions. The majority of nomads in Indonesia are Javanese. This Javanese is a little smart. maybe they know that in Java there are rarely forests so that the air quality for 141 million people is not optimal for each individual. And those who move to Java may not know that, but this is an example.

3 points The reason why the Indonesian population is not evenly distributed above may be an illustration for those of you who don't know. And that depends on us too. if in our area this lacks, let's do something so that we can complete the shortcomings together as the sons of each region.

If the earth is crowded, let's register at https://asgardia.space to build a population in space hehehe.

May be useful.

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