Google Virtual Reality Had Launched by IGI and Millealab ~ a report by Giska Thalia Putri

Google VR is a tool that can make we look another world but in the virtual form.
In Indonesia, 100 school follow this program.

One thing that can we proud to our school, SMKN 1 XIII KOTO KAMPAR is one of in 100 school ambassador of Google Virtual Reality Program.

And I'm student ambassador of SMKN 1 XIII KOTO KAMPAR.

So, for a few next week i must learn about VR with my teacher.

My teacher told me about VR. He say in SMKN 1 XIII KOTO KAMPAR we will make a virtual world for study.

Maybe, for TKJ department we will make a computer lab.

For learn VR, we must have art soul. Because make Virtual world must with art imagination.

And for this week, my school will make a task for become the first school that finish this program. Insya Allah.

My teacher say in the future VR will become a tool that use for all school because that's all need to use this.

"What you imagine but you don't to get that, with VR you can get all" ~ Giska Thalia Putri.

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