Practice of Industry Is a Activities Carried Out of The School ~ a report by Giska Thalia Putri

Practice of industry is a activities carried out of the school. In Indonesian named it is Pendidikan Sistem Ganda (PSG).

Usually PSG for 3 months. The purpose of PSG is for develop the students skills and get the experience for future.

My department is Computer Engineering (TKJ). 

My PSG at Bangkinang.

But for this year, PSG just for 2 months because Covid-19 make me leave Bangkinang fastly.

For the first month, i learn many technique for repair computer, how to make a computer network, repair software and hardware problem, how to handle buyer and how to do anything in teamwork.

In the school i learn that all. But, in PSG i get more experience and i can to practice until I'm tire.

I think for the difference of PSG and practice in the school, just for time of practice.

For knowledge is same. My teacher in the school teach me about how to repair computer and in the PSG too.

And in the second month i learn how to become seller and handle buyer.

I must have more knowledge about computer price, computer specifications and other.

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